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LP vinyl - Digitaldubs #1

LP vinyl - Digitaldubs #1

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Transe Amazônico (Abrindo Os Caminhos)  
Fyah Bun Dem ft. Ranking Joe  
Bandido De Gravata ft. Dada Yute  
Pirate's Game ft. Earl Sixteen  
Kaliman Dreams  
Jah Me Guia I ft. JeruBanto  
War & Crime ft. Dada Yute  
Dub Echoes Theme  
Your Love Is Overdub ft. Brinsley Forde  
Liga Legalize ft. JeruBanto  
Upbeat Vibes  
Sigue Tu Instinto ft. TianoBless  
Justice & Equality ft. Ranking Joe


released in 2011 by ROIR (USA)
licenced by Muzamba (Brazil)


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